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The Dirty Hooks are:

Bobby McCall – Lead Vocal/Baritone Guitar
Jenine Cali – Lead Vocal/Drums
Anthony Ratto III – Lead Guitar/Keys

Las Vegas is known for many things. A virtual playground for adults as early as the 1940’s. A place where people could double their money at a blackjack table while watching a scantily-clad chorus line of smiling beauties do the can-can. A place where anything goes, everyone’s a winner, and your secrets are safely forgotten. But behind every smile is a story, and behind every casino a dark alleyway, where the glow of the neon jungle doesn’t necessarily illuminate the hopes and dreams of it’s visitors. There’s a different town. One that’s filled with hard-luck, lost souls, and the broken-hearted. A town that the locals call home. Born and raised in the long shadow of the Las Vegas strip, the Dirty Hooks translate story into song. An alternative rock band of songwriters influenced by the storytelling of Johnny Cash, the ambient, yet dirty fuzz tones of artists like Sonic Youth and the Pixies, as well as the vocal dynamics of classic Americana and Motown. Unable to sit still on stage, the Dirty Hooks aren’t your typical three piece, but rather a sonic wall of bricks and mortar, mixed with howling guitars, ambient synth tones, 808’s, and three-part harmonies. Each song telling stories of heartache, triumph, double-crossing, and American subculture. A new breed with a lot to say, and just like the cloth of the city they’re cut from, the Dirty Hooks have plenty of secrets to tell.